“The Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals” – Young Adults in Today’s World!


If there were time I could share volumes of life experiences that God has used to shape my wife and I, but for the sake of space (and your sanity) I will only summarize a few.

Denise and I have experienced the joy of financial success as well as the challenge of financial struggles. We’ve had jobs and lost jobs. We’ve battled with debt, overcome debt, gone back into debt and fought the battle all over again. We’ve gone through health issues, experienced death in our immediate families, worked through strained relationships (and continue to work through some), rejoiced and cried with our children in their victories and struggles. We’ve experienced the peace of God’s forgiveness and walked through the valley of God’s chastening. We’ve made some really good decisions in our lives and we’ve also made some really “bone headed” decisions in our lives. We are just REAL people living in a real world!

Through all the sorrow, joy, success, failures, blessings, chastening, and everything else God has allowed in our lives, we realize one thing…God is in control and is doing something in our lives that will prepare and equip us for the purpose He has specifically for us. I am reminded of this in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 when we are told that God helps us in our troubles so we can then use that experience to help others the same way!

He is doing the same for all of us! Tomorrow we will share with you the purpose we believe God has been preparing us for.
Until tomorrow…God bless you all!


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