“The Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals” – Young Adults in Today’s World!

The Vision & Plan for FYCP!

After spending 13 years in full time ministry and then another 13 years in the corporate business world, I began to wonder what God really wanted me to do. A dear friend of mine said to me one day, “You have been given a unique set of experiences. Many pastors never have the opportunity to work in the business world and many business professionals never have the opportunity to work as a full time pastor or minister. You have a combined 26 years experience in doing both (13 in ministry & 13 in business)!” As I thought about what he had said & about my burden for helping young adults in today’s world, it began to make sense. God had uniquely prepared me to start a ministry that would combine the experience of teaching & counseling God’s Word with the successful experience of working in the business world to be able to help and equip young adults for life! This is what FYCP is all about.

Our motto is simply, “Investing in those who impact our future.”

Here are the critical aspects of this new ministry:


 •    Where do we want to go in the future?

 “To have an organization that will impact the world for Jesus Christ through the lives and influence of young adults in their careers, communities and churches!”


•    What is our purpose for existence?

“To support young adults in today’s world by helping them to connect with Jesus Christ and each other.”


•    What is the strategic plan to accomplish this?

  • To introduce young adults to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To equip young adults to live for Christ in today’s world through the practical teaching of Biblical principles.
  • To show young adults how to impact today’s world by exposing them to leaders, mentors, organizations and other resources that are already doing it.
  • To provide opportunities for young adults to connect with each other for support, encouragement & ministry together!
  • To work with local churches to develop ministries specifically designed for young adults where they can use their gifts to impact the body of Christ, grow spiritually and gain encouragement.


•    What are our core values?

  • To identify God’s purpose
  • To implement God’s principles
  • To intercede in prayer
  • To invest in the lives of other people
  • To increase personally the kingdom of God by doing our part in the body

Tomorrow I will share some of the immediate projects, goals and plans for 2013.

Please pray with us that God will use us to impact young adults in today’s world!


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