“The Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals” – Young Adults in Today’s World!

Projects & Action Plans for 2013!

(Part 2)

3. The Building of the FYCP Community – one of the most important parts of our strategic plan is to introduce young adults to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to provide opportunities for them to connect with other young adults for support, encouragement and ministry. One way to accomplish this is through the building of community (being a part of the team).

As a young athlete I was introduced to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. FCA is impacting young people and adults all over the world through the medium of sports! I have personally had the privilege of speaking at several FCA events and have witnessed firsthand the power of God work through the ministry of FCA. One very affective aspect of FCA is the “Huddle Group” ministry. These are local groups started and developed for the purpose of introducing people to Christ and helping them to grow spiritually in a “community” or team environment. It’s very affective. At FYCP we want to adopt the same idea.

We are working on a program we call “Community Groups.” These are local groups of young adults that will come together on a regular basis for networking, encouragement and outreach as well as relationship development. Most local chamber organizations have similar groups for the young professional community that center around business networking. FYCP is seeking to do the same thing only with outreach and spiritual impact as the ultimate goal. The main purpose of each “Community Group” will be to win young adults to Christ and help them connect to other Christian young adults who can encourage them and ultimately helping them to plug into a local church group for young adults. “Community Groups” can be a great way for young adult ministries within the local church to reach out to the young adult community.  These groups can be started by individuals in the community, churches, businesses or other organizations.

There will be more information coming soon on how to start one of these groups as well as an “FYCP Community Group Leadership Guide” to help those who want to start their own group. Target date for completion and availability of this information is January 2013.

4. The Creation & Development of “Equipping” resources – In Ephesians 4:11-12 the Bible teaches us that God gave certain gifts to the church so that God’s people could be prepared for works of service and the body of Christ would be built up. This process is also known as “equipping” the saints. At FYCP we want to provide every available tool & resource we can to “equip” young adults to make an impact on their world as they serve Christ. Here are just a few of the resources we are currently developing:

  •       Audio Bible study series for young adults by Bill Crockett on CD complete with study guide (Request from our web site www.billcrockett.com).
  •        Video Bible study series for young adults with study guide (we are currently editing a pre marital counseling series by Bill Crockett which will be available by the end of the year). These audio & video resources have been made possible by a grant received from the Parrish Family Foundation in the fall of 2011. We are so thankful for these dear friends.
  •       Online access to pre-screened ministry and Christian business web sites to help in spiritual and professional growth. Available by the end of this year.
  •       Conferences – an annual FYCP conference will be held each year to bring together young adults for instruction, motivation, revival and encouragement. The conference will feature Christian music, nationally known and respected speakers & teachers from around the Christian business community as well as local pastors and speakers from the host city. (The first conference is currently being developed for May of 2013 and hopefully will include hosting the “Chick Filet Leadercast 2013”).
  •       An annual “FYCP Celebration Cruise” to include special music and great teaching to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of young adults. It will also include testimonies from young adults who are making an impact on their world for Christ. (This is currently being developed for 2014).
  •       An “FYCP Partner Directory” of businesses, organizations and individuals who have partnered with FYCP to help young adults. Information relative to who they are, what they specialize in and how they can help the young adult community will be listed for each partner. Printed annually and made available in March of each year. A special section listing churches with “Young Professional” type ministries will also be included. First edition targeted for March of 2013.
  •       Video interviews of successful Christian business owners and executives describing how their faith has impacted their career. These will be made available on the FYCP.TV web page in late 2013.
  •       Testimonial videos from young adults and how their faith is impacting their life and career.
  •       “Young Professional Ministry Spotlight” – a short monthly video highlighting different young professional church ministries and what they are doing to reach and equip young adults.

These are just a few of the resource projects already in motion.

As you can see there is a lot going on. Please pray for us that God will give us direction and wisdom to simply follow His plan!

Tomorrow we will share with you the financial philosophy of FYCP and Bill Crockett Ministries as well as explore some ways you can help and be involved.

Have a great day!


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