“A Blueprint For Life”

A Blueprint for Life

“Investing In Those Who Impact Our Future”

1 Timothy Chapter 4


I asked several of the young adults in our ministry this question, “What do you fear the most about becoming a young adult?” Based on their answers, we came up with 7 main areas of life that they felt were a challenge as they became young adults in today’s world.

Here are those areas:

 1. Vocation – what am I going to do for a job?

2. Financial – how am I going to make enough money to afford life?

3. Relationships – will I get married and how will I know when I find the right one?

4. Spiritual Stability – how can I remain ethical and true to God in the midst of a difficult world?

5. Significance – how can I feel valuable and important?

6. Success – what is real success and how can I achieve it?

7. Ministry – What is ministry & how can I serve God if I’m not a preacher, missionary, church worker or minister?

Together we took several weeks and discussed the answer to all of these questions. As a result of our study with these young adults, we are currently writing a Bible study series that will help young adults get Bible answers to these questions and more entitled, “The Challenge of Facing Real Life.”

It is this type of information that our young adults need so that they can make it in life.  According to the Center for Disease Control in their  “Understanding Suicide Fact Sheet 2012”, 36,000 people in America take their own life every year. Another 374,000 people every year try and do not succeed.

It is critical that we help our young adults learn how to “Face the Challenge of Real Life!” This is what we’re seeking to do at “The Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals” organization.

The passage of Scripture that God has used in our hearts to help us understand the blueprint young adults need to follow in order to succeed in life (and all of us for that matter), is found in 1 Timothy chapter 4.

Over the next several days I would like for us to take a look at what God says about how to live life, especially as a young adult. Beginning tomorrow we will talk about the following topics in 1 Timothy chapter 4:

1. The Need for a Blueprint

2. The Condition of the World

3. The Charge to Take Action

4. The Blueprint

5. The Results

I hope you will join us for the next several days as we study together “A Blueprint for Life.”

See you tomorrow!


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